About me

If you have a comment, a subject you’d like to learn more about, or a question about your aging journey, please bring it on. I’ll try to answer. Snarky comments will be ignored – been there, done that.

Who am I?

One time I asked someone I had just met how she managed to act so comfortable when she first met someone … and make them feel so comfortable as well. She told me, “I just act like I’ve known them all my life. And I’m really comfortable with people I’ve known that long.” So, pretend like you already know me. And through this blog, you’ll get to know me even more.

But most of all, let’s pretend I already know you too. So you can be comfortable telling me more about yourself!

What I did before I stopped doing it

I’ve spent the last 44 years working in public relations, communications, and marketing. That includes everything from using presstype to make headlines to becoming proficient with Adobe Suite software; from begging journalists to put something in their publications about the company I worked for – to being called by writers asking for comments; from sending out direct mail pieces – to engineering and producing podcasts. Other than smoke signals, I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with most forms of communication.

My “voice” has always been that of the company for which I’ve worked.
What I’ve never done is talk about myself publicly. It’s exciting … and scary, but hopefully not boring. If it gets boring, you can stop reading it.