You can literally save SECONDS a day with these keyboard shortcuts

You’ve probably heard about keyboard shortcuts – those wonderful little time-saving clicks that allegedly save you time when working on your computer.

Someone (maybe some guy with a little EXTRA time on his hands) actually figured out that you can save 64 hours each year by using keyboard shortcuts. That might be true, but that’s not why I wanted to learn them … I’d probably gain 64 shitty hours cleaning bathrooms instead of 64 great hours drinking tequila and dancing. So no, that’s not why I learned them (nor necessarily why you might want to either).

So why should you learn something like keyboard shortcuts? According to “Think You’re Too Old to Learn New Tricks?” an article in Scientific American, “The ability to live independently requires periodic “upgrades” because of changes in our environment, especially due to technological advances. Cellphone providers are disconnecting 3G networks, and health care providers are moving toward online-only access to patients’ medical records. This means learning how to use a smartphone, or new online portals. And if people avoid learning these skills themselves, it fosters functional dependence—asking others to do stuff for them.”

And that’s why I give learning things like keyboard shortcuts a go. Because the last thing I want to do is foster dependence. It’ll be bad enough if it happens without my encouragement!

It’s totally up to you. If you decide to check this out, do so because of your desire to keep learning something new – don’t you owe yourself those 64 hours?

Watch the video here:

Downloadable Shortcut Cheat Sheet

8 thoughts on “You can literally save SECONDS a day with these keyboard shortcuts

  1. Kayce Turner

    I used short cuts in a previous job when I typed lists and they were amazing and saved a ton of time and cut down on typos. Thanks Nikki!!!!


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